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Our friend and phenomenal fisherman Peter Morse broke a world record the other day. On a Sage 6012 reel, Peter managed to land a 19kg Southern Bluefin Tuna on 8kg tippet!! While Peter is one of the few with the skill, and the knots to pull something like this off, he was quick to give credit to the Sage 6000 reel.

These are really great reels, I have fished them hard and extensively over the last few years, I mean punished them fishing maximum drag a lot of the time. I was permit fishing earlier this year when some big golden trevally swam into range. The guide said “I’m not chasing them if you hook one” and I said “You won’t have to” and cranked the drag around to 10 so the fish went nowhere, didn’t even pull the fly line off the reel. That was a lot of pressure, of course good knots help too!!

Check out these wonderful photos from Peter’s adventures and get inspired to set some of your own world records on Sage gear!