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For those of us who have seen Felt Soul Media’s Red Gold or Eastern Rises, we are familiar with the tingly feeling the Colorado based production duo are capable of leaving an audience with. Eastern Rises, which received a handful of awards including “Best Film on Mountain Sport” at the 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival, is a fly fishermen’s dream. Massive rainbows gulping at mouse patterns on untouched Kamchatka rivers with a pinch of bigfoot humor and some close calls with Grizzly Bears. Between the fishing fantasies and deft touch behind the camera and computer of Ben Knight and Travis Rummel, Eastern Rises will certainly jump to the top of the fly fishing and adventure film hierarchy
Felt Soul Media’s newest project is titled DamNation, which focuses on dam removal across the country including the Elwha River in Western Washington. The trailer was recently released and it appears the men of Felt Soul Media are continuing to raise the bar. Ideally, DamNation and Mark Titus’s The Breach will be a catalyst and ultimately a foundation for the movement towards sustainable dam removal across the country. Keep an eye out for the release of DamNation in early 2013 and check out the trailer here!