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November, 20 2010 (Bainbridge Island, WA) – Fly-fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing is proud to sponsor On The Fly Production’s newest project, Itu’s Bones. On The Fly Productions, creators of “Once In A Blue Moon,” are telling the story of former bonefish netter, Itu Davies, and a transition to sustainable fishing through thrilling cinematography

A former bonefish netter on the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, Itu was approached by Carl McNeil of On The Fly Productions and encouraged to put down the bonefish net in favor of learning to guide for bonefish. Netting bonefish, an inherently unsustainable practice, had been a way of earning a living for many of the residents of Aitutaki. Carl and a friend thought that if Itu could learn to guide, then he could have a different source of income to support his family and help sustain the bonefish population. Carl contacted Sage to see if they could donate gear to this cause, and Sage was more than happy to oblige in helping tell this conservation struggle and heart-warming story.

“My hope is that by teaching Itu to guide, others on the island will follow and no longer net bonefish for income”, comments Carl McNeil. “A sustainable business that supports families as well as the local economy is the result we want to achieve and hope to portray in this new film and none of this could happen without great partners such as Sage.”

“Through Sage’s donations and Itu’s subsequent education, we hope that there will be fewer people netting bonefish, and as a result the fishery will be more sustainable,” says David Visnack, Director of Marketing & Merchandising. “Conservation is a key tenet at Sage and stories such as this show our strong commitment to environmental efforts.”