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Here’s a piece from Peter Morse, our Australian Ambassador, on his recent trip to Aitutaki.

We had a tough trip. I was reminded when I was there that it was the equinox, traditionally a very windy time in the southern trade wind belt and with the wind we had cloud and even rain. The wind started from the south and the water temp in the lagoon dropped to 70F. The relatively small area of flats had been hammered by a group of Aussies before us and a group of kiwis before them. Additionally we were on the back of the full moon phase – never good.

That’s all my excuses out of the way. The fishing was tough, the fish were very flighty but we saw some absolutely monstrous bonefish. Itu is a world class guide already and his twin brothers are coming along nicely as guides as well. You would be hard pushed to find nicer people on the planet and that goes for almost the entire island population. It is a beautiful place even in a 30 knot trade wind. We caught some bones, the biggest in the week was caught by our host Ian Dollery and was around 12lbs, then there was an 11 and a 9 pounder. I made up for my lack of big boney with numbers

It’s a great place to take a wife and family and to be comfortable in the knowledge that they are going to be having a wonderful time while you fish for monster bones in the company of some guides who can only be described as really wonderful people.

Jeremy, who fishes harder than most men I know and who has caught many big fish told me he hooked bones out of the muds that he simply could not stop, many reached the coral heads and they ended up fishing shock tippets to prevent the coral cut offs.

I can’t wait to get back and experience some decent weather.