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Pennsylvania fall floods and a slight earthquake tremor never deterred Patagonia guide, Andres Hermosilla, from living a dream. Hermosilla says as long as he can remember he has wanted to come see and fish in the United States.

For a month he stayed in our fly tying room as he toured the classic limestone and freestone trout streams in Pennsylvania and the storied waters of the Catskills in New York. Along with the trout quest he also had an opportunity to try New York’s Salmon River and was rewarded with catching a number of steelhead and salmon.

As he sits in our office on this early Thursday morning looking over the mountain of gear that he has purchased in the past four weeks, we asked Andres what were the highlights of his visit and the response surprises us.

“All of the water there’s just so much of it and the history of our sport and all of the famous anglers I have met, having dinner at the Catskill Museum with Joan Wulff at a rewards ceremony, its overwhelming, I love it all!” He’s quiet for a moment as if he’s reflecting on something and then he looks up and says with a big smile, “Ah, the big brown in the small tributary stream, wow, I cannot believe such a big fish in such small water. I want to move here.”

And then he laughs.

We watch as he drags three very overstuffed bags out to the Land Rover and it’s time to start for the airport. We wonder what the Delta ticket agent is going to say when she sees the young Argentine and all of his gear.