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RIO’s JUNGLE SERIES of fly lines are designed to withstand the heat of tropical and jungle destinations. Each line is built on RIO’s low-memory DirectCore that is extremely easy to anneal (stretch) and lies perfectly straight on the water, yet retains the stiffness needed to cast in hot conditions. Each line has a short, quick-loading head that will easily cast and turnover typical large flies, and a range of density options ensures anglers are covered for all species, conditions and waters.

The F/I line is a floating line with a 30ft long intermediate head, with the front 10ft being a clear intermediate, followed by a blue intermediate section.

There are four different density options  to cover all Jungle conditions:

F - A full floating line
F/I - A floating line with a 30ft intermediate head, the first 10ft of which is clear
F/S3 - A floating line with a 20ft slow sinking (3 ips) tip
F/S6 - A floating line with a 20ft fast sinking (6 ips) tip

Clear/Blue/Pale Orange
Clear/Blue/Pale Orange
Model Specifications: