Fly Fishing FAQs

Common Fly Fishing Questions.

How do I change the retrieval direction on my Sage Fly Reel?

All Sage reels come set up for left-hand retrieve. If you would like to switch this direction to right-hand, switching the retrieval direction on your Sage Fly Reel is a straightforward task. For current models, please refer to the manual available in your reel box, or reach out to out Customer Service team for assistance. 

For discontinued reel models please view the videos below for assistance. 

Model: 8000 or 6000: View Video 
Model: 4600: View Video 
Model: 4200: View Video 
Model: Click: View Video 
Model: 1800: View Video 

What are the best fly fishing rods for beginners?

The most logical step, if you have the opportunity, is to test cast a range of rods and then purchase the rod that best suits your needs. We manufacture a wide range of performance fly rods for every level of angler, casting style and techniques. Generally, our rod recommendations to newer anglers are based on action preference, the fishing situation and your budget. There are many variables to consider when buying your first fly rod; far too many to discuss in a simple sentence. Our best advice would be to visit your local authorized Sage dealer and have a conversation with the shop experts. All Sage dealers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise about equipment and fisheries and will be more than happy to help you choose the right rod for you.
You may also contact Sage directly by using our Contact Us form.

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How can I "test cast" a Sage rod before making a purchase?

Please contact your local Sage dealers. Sage dealers have knowledgeable staff and most have casting demos where you can test cast and compare our rods. Note: Demo availability and policies vary from dealer to dealer.

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What is the difference between the Sage rod families?

There are two fundamental characteristics of a rod. The first is application and the second is action (or flex). Application involves understanding what rod length, line weight, and componentry is best suited for your intended fishery. Once you understand your application then you’ll need to determine what action is best for you. Fundamentally, action choice should be based on personal preference. We offer a wide range of actions, from Slow to Ultra-Fast, that should satisfy any need. Anglers who prefer a "fast" action rod would be more inclined to the actions of the ONE, METHOD, TXL-F, Xi3, VXP, BASS II or Response. More moderate and slow action rods include the Approach and CIRCA. Each family of rods will have a slightly different action so we strongly suggest you visit your local fly shop and test cast any rod you are considering. Have no fear, we believe that there is a rod for every occasion and every type of angler. 

Can I use a heavier or lighter line than recommended for the rod?

We have carefully designed the rods to balance with the recommended line weight. For maximum performance, we suggest that you use the line weight recommended on the rod. That being said, it is possible to line up a rod by one size to load the rod more quickly and give you more feeling with less line outside of the tip. The downfall is that you may lose performance at longer distances. It's up to you. 

Where do I find my Serial Number?

The serial number is located opposite the Sage logo on the butt section of the rod and is written in black ink. If you are having trouble seeing the number we recommend taking the rod out into natural light and rotating the blank to change the angle of view. Please note that the serial number will always be one or two letters followed by five numbers. It is also worth noting that Sage Blanks do not carry serial numbers and therefore custom-built rods put together from blanks do not have this distinguishing mark.

What defines a Saltwater rod?

Any Sage rod with an anodized aluminum reel seat and fighting butt can be considered a saltwater rod. All Sage rods #7 and up come standard with Anodized Aluminum reel seats that combat corrosion, although we always recommend rinsing your gear down with fresh water after having used it in the saltwater environment. Many Sage #6 rods offer the option on the reel seat. Check with your dealer for details.

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Do Sage blanks carry the Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, Sage blanks carry a lifetime warranty for the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. It is important to remember that we do not, however, warranty the work of the person who custom builds the rod. This must be negotiated separately.

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Where are Sage rods made?

All Sage rods are made at our manufacturing facility on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state, USA.

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Where can I find the manual for my Sage fly reel?

For older models like the 3800CF, 2000, 1600-1800, please contact us for a copy of user manual.

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How do I get stuck ferrules loose?

It's easiest to use two people to pull the rod sections apart. Alternately, you can use rubber jar openers to get a better grip on the rod sections. Be careful that you get a good grip so you don't slip and damage the guides. Also, make sure you don't twist the rod sections, as this can damage the carbon in the ferrules.

Can I Return egift cards?

Sage does not refund eGIFT CARDS for cash except where required by state law. eGIFT CARDS are only redeemable for products being shipped to the US and CAN. Sage eGIFT CARDs never expire, are only redeemable on our website, and are not available for redemption at retailers.

Where can I get spools for my older model reels?

The best thing to do is to do an Internet search for the specific reel model to try to identify a place for purchase.

Any other specific product or technical questions?

Have other questions or comments that you would like for us to address on this page? Contact Sage with our Contact Us form.

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Sage Payment Questions

What payment methods are accepted by

We accept the following methods of payment:

American Express
Sage eGift Cards

When will I be charged for my order?

Your card will be charged when your order ships. In order to verify your card information and reserve your order a pre-authorization will be charged on the card when you submit the order. This is a temporary hold that will drop off in a few days after order processing is complete. This time depends on the the cards issuing bank.

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