Peter Morse

There’s a migration that occurs only once or twice a decade and it’s of juvenile black marlin that migrate 3,000 kilometres from the tropical waters of north Queensland all the way to southern New South Wales. We know when they’re coming because they begin to show up off Cairns in June and July and they move south in their thousands over the next 9 months as summer comes on. In several locations they become very accessible to anglers in small boats, and in one place in particular you can sight fish to them on the flats. This year we hit the weather right and enjoyed some amazing days of fishing. The rod of choice was the new 1190 ONE and the reel an 8080 Pro. An #8 reel on an #11 rod might seem a little wrong at first but this reel has everything going for it. For a start it’s a big reel for an #8 with 400 yards of 50lb gsp backing and as it turns out it has the best drag of any reel I’ve ever used, it is so silky smooth and at its highest setting feels like it would stop a train – and that’s the 8 weight, I can’t wait use the #8010 and the #8012 on some BIG fish. While we were there some big tuna turned up on the flats as well, many of these were over 50lbs and we were sight casting to them in 6 feet of water as they cruised the beach. It was a great few days with guide and good friend Mark Bargenquast.

Peter Morse is a good friend and our Sage Ambassador for Australia. Along with being a fisherman and photographer he is the author of the new book “A Few Great Flies….. and How to Fish Them” which can be found through www.wildfish.com.au